Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Make-Up Artist Pro Discount

Make-up Pro Discount.
**Everyone want them
but everyone can't find them**
Hello My Darling,
   I'm pretty excited today cause I'm apply for Make up Pro Discounts in many different places. I started looking into how to apply for these discounts. I checked out other people blogs and twitter accounts and even on Facebook. When I started to get all the application together before I finished my certificate at Lia Schorr Institute in NYC. I had about 6 different place I wanted to apply to. I knew that they can be so much more then the one that I have found. After I have read end list amount of blogs. I have about 17 places that are well known but many might not know about their discount. Below is the original list that i have started a few weeks ago. ( I will later put in the information that is needed for to apply for these discount)
  1. Smashbox
  2. Mac Pro
  3. Dinair (Airbrush)
  4. Make Up For Ever
  5. Make- Up Artist 
  6. NYX Cosmetic  
I'm in total amazement how fast some of the places are getting pack to the Make-Up Artist that are apply for the discount. I know a lot of the readers or either make up artist or reading blog to get input about  products that are out there and we might not be so quick to go out and buy the next hot items. ( I have done it several time already until I learned my lesson)
    The list that I started today and applied to several of them are below.It does also include a couple of the ones that are above so I will not be listing them again.
  1. Nars
  2. Tarte
  3. Cover Fx
  4. Make Up Design (M.U.D)
  5. LeCosmetique
  6. Stila
  7. Benefit Cosemtices
  8. Cinema Secreat
  9. Lorac
  10. Temptu
  11. Mally Cosmetics
  12. OC Discount.
Let get started with how you call can apply for these discount.

<3NYX Cosmetics.  NYX Website
  • First and last name
  • E-mail
  • Phone number
  • Cosmetology License number
  • City/County/State where license is issued
  • Provide copy of business card and/or cosmetology license.
    (This may be scanned and emailed over or faxed to us @ 323-869-9430)
    **Active makeup artists MUST provide copy of business card.
Please allow 24-72 business hours for an email confirmation containing the issued discount code.
Please note that we are closed on weekends, major holidays, and between Christmas to New Years.
* They have recently changed their policy on the discount. It sound kinds fishy to me.*.

 This discount can be applied for Students, Freelancers, and Pro Artist. Here are their requirements. (they are also listed on the link above
Smashbox PRO Artist - VIP (40% discount) We require 2 of the following, plus a COPY OF PHOTO ID:
o Valid union card
o Copy of a current agency ZED card OR comp card
o Copy of your business card
o 2 professional tear sheets that include your name
Smashbox PRO Artist - FREELANCER (30% discount) We require 2 of the following, plus a COPY OF PHOTO ID:
o Valid cosmetology OR esthetician license
o Professional letter of reference
o Copy of your business card
o Crew call list
o Valid makeup artistry certificate within the last 5 years
Smashbox PRO Artist - STUDENT (20% discount)*
*only valid while enrolled in school
We require BOTH of the following:
• Proof of current enrollment at an artistry based school or certificate program
• Valid Photo ID

<3 Mac Pro Discount Mac Pro Application
  To save you all the time from reading all this information. Inside the link is all the information that is exactly on MAC page.

<3 Make Up Design (MUD)
.  The requirements for this discount is a copy of your certificate or diploma from the make up school you have attended. I emailed Yvonne at with my certificate. You must also already have a log in account with them. So they can apply the discount to that log in information.. The Reps at MUD are excellent. Yvonne helps me from start to finish.

<3 Tarte Cosmetics Tarte Cosmetics
    Tarte was very easy to apply for this discount. 

<3 Cover Fx Application

<3 Lescosmetique Application

<3 Camera Ready CosmeticsPro Discount.
After you apply for the account. you need to email their requirement

<3 Stila
Discount: Up to 40% off on
What you need to do: Visit the pro artists page and provide some basic information (including registering for an account). Expect to get an email from the pro artist relations department in the next 4-6 weeks. In the meantime, make sure you have two of the following forms of identification ready to send via email:
  • composite card
  • portfolio with name credit
  • business card
  • valid union card
  • head shot
  • publication masthead
  • professional license/diploma (aesthetician, hairstylist, cosmetology)
  • program/press materials with name credit
  • contract on production company letterhead
  • crew/call list on production company letterhead
  • professional letter of reference company letterhead

<3 Dinair Airbrush
Discount: Up to 30% off makeup, tanning, kits and accessories.
What you need to do:
Apply online and provide a copy of your ID/Driver’s License along with 2 proofs of professionalism. The membership fee is $25 annually. After you submit the application, you will be emailed a link to pay for the membership.

    Benefit cosmetics discount unknown %  Mail or fax a copy of license/certification and contact information to:
Benefit Cosmetics
Re: Makeup Artist Program
685 Market Street 7th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94105
Or fax to: 415 781 3930
   (I have applied for this one and I'm still waiting to hear a responds back them them)

<3 Cinema Secrets (Pending Information from Company)

<3 Locar
Between 20% – 40% off
What you need to do:
The LORAC Professional Makeup Artist Discount is only offered at Naime’s. All LORAC products are available by walk-in, web order, or phone order ((818)-655-9933). Follow the link above to apply for their program.

<3 Temptu $25 fee Temptu pro Discount

<3 Mally Cosmetics Mally Beauty Discount

<3 OCD  OCD Pro Discount

<3 Pari Cosmetics Pari Cosmetics - Pro Discount & Student Discount 
 This Company has a $20 fee every year.
<3 After Glow Cosmetics requirements
<3 Laura Mercier
Discount: 40% discount to professional makeup artists.
What you need to do: Provide 2 forms of identification which can include: Agency Representation, Film or Television Experience, Tear sheets with name credit, Copy of your Union Card.

<3 Color on Profession Application & Must Register 
    After you have register, You need to fax back the application. The application says you must submit the membership fee but there is nothing that indicates what the fee is.

<3 Tarte Cosmetics
Discount: Makeup artist discount: 40% off
What you need to do: Sign-up for your Tarte account on the website. Then check out tarte pro to apply for the makeup artist discount, they ask you to upload your  resume/certification.