Thursday, December 29, 2011

2012 Is right Around the Corner

Hi Dolls,

Hard to believe that this year is almost over. 2011 has been a roller coaster for my business and my personal life. I'm happy that it's almost over. I welcome 2012 with arm wide open. I see a lot of different opportunities opening  for my business.

Everyone always talk about New Year Resolutions. I'm am not a fan of making promises that are normally broken in the first couple of hours making them or in the days that follow. That is why I'm not making any resolutions. I am a determined women to get what I want. Instead of making resolutions. I'm going to be writing down my goals everyday for things that I need to get done that day. Rather it networking, Advertizing, etc. One thing that I am going to be working hard on beside by business will be branding myself.

If you all know me, you already know that I'm comfortable in my skin and what I wear. I love my jeans and my sneakers. You would only see me in heels when there is a special event. Now that I'm making myself into a business person. I need to dress the part. I will be doing a a complete make over of my closet with in a couple of weeks. I will be posting blog about my daily look with my outfit for the day and my make up and hair done as well.

This year is important to me because I'm seriously tired of working for a company that does not appreciate what they have. I'm a one women office and it's not cute with all the stress that I have to deal with because my boss does not want to talk to someone or he has another things that are more important then running a successful company.

Melis Beauty Artistry will be offering a once a month Make up service to include false eyelashes for free. Contest will be running from the begging of every month from the 1-15 day. I'm still working out all the details about the contest. Will post once they are complete. MB Artistry will also be starting her own Video Blog. Will be from products review or different tricks about make up. Make sure to look out for that.

MB Artistry is looking foward to this new year. Lets make it the Best on every. Look Forward to my Upcoming Blog of my New Year ever look and outfit.
Until Next Time