Thursday, June 30, 2011

Color of the day-- Nothing

Hi Dolls,
 Today for me is a very down to earth day. I want to give my skin some air to breath today. What I have on today?
My Face is basically naked today. I do have on my Mac Prep & Prime Skin Visage and i also have my eye brows penciled in but that is the only thing that I have on.
Sorry that its so plan today. Gotta show you what i look like without the make up on.

I hope everyone is having a great day and is drinking lots of water.

Until Next Time

Melly <3

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Color of the Day-NYX 10 Color Pallet For Brown Eyes

 Hi dolls.
 I'm truly sorry about not doing my Color of the Day yesterday.I have been suffering from a really bad tooth ace for the past couple of days and it's been taking a toll on me.Thank god, I'm going to the dentist tonight to find out what is going on with it and hopefully get some pain medication or antibiotics.

Today I'm using NYX Color Pallet for brown eyes.

1st Color is 2nd color on the bottom row, Its a light forest green.
2nd color is 1st color on top row, It's a purple brownish color
3rd Color is the 4th Color on the bottom row. It's a matte brown that i have in my crease.
4th Color is the 4th color on the top arrow have that under my eyebrows.

Here is the final look. (I took this picture abuot 2 hours ago when my tooth was really hurting)

Until Next Time


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FB Boutigue review - HazelDoll Boutique

Hi Dolls,
       I found an amazing Boutique on Facebook. They are called Hazel Doll Boutique. I reviewed their pictures to show everything that they offered. They have a lot of items but I could not afforded to get them all right now. I came across a pair of Gold Glitter shoes that I instantly fall in love with. I left them a comment on the picture to find out their availability for those shoes but unfortunately they were sold out of the gold shoe but they did have the same style of shoe but in Black Glitter. I submitted my request for the black shoes. 
      Customer service quickly send me the payment request form via email, which then I was able to pay directly from my paypal account.I submitted payment about 1:00 pm on Friday June  24 and they receive the payment and shipped out my shoes the same day. I don't even get quick customer service like this with famous shoe companies. I received the tracking information once they was pickup from the USPS. What ever, Hazel Dolls Boutique is doing in customer service they must pass that information along to all these other companies that takes 3 day for an items to ship. (3 Days is to long to wait).
     Today is June 28, 2011. I finally got in my shoes today because USPS mail man was really on a lazy day because I didn't get my box as per the Tracking number stated. Which got me even more upset with USPS because they claim they left a message ticket to go pick up the box at 3:00pm. Last time I check, I was in my office until 5:00pm. Totally impossible that he even tried to make that delivery. I would have been more understandable with USPS if it didn't leave the sorting facility in time for delivery then having them lie to me.
(It's not about USPS Today. It's About HAZEL DOLL BOUTIQUE).
I decided to go down to Post Office and get my shoes!!! I'm wearing them right now as I blog :)

First off, I normally don't get shoes with a plate form or this high of hell. I'm going to a wedding next week and I needed a shoe that is a little more elegant then my everyday shoes.

Those Shoes arrived in their own box, Completely with the shoes being stuffed with paper so it does not get damage during the transport. 
Shoes have never been worn. Which is a ++ in my book. I'm always concern how long a person wear the shoes before they wanted to return them. By looking at the shoes, there are no sign of another person feet being in them..

For my feet I can normally wear a 8 1/2 shoe size or a 9 size, as of recently I have been sticking more to the 8 1/2 size because they are more snog on my feet. 

The shoes are a little tight around my toes but that is probably due to the fact they are new shoes. There is no room between my heel and the shoe where my feel can slip out of the shoes.I have been wearing the shoes for about 2 hours now and the balls on my feet don't hurt like they normally would because these shoes has the extra padding in them for your feet which is another +++ because I don't have to go out any buy inserts for my shoes. :)

I highly recommend trying Hazel Doll Boutique. You will not be disappointed in them. They are on my top Shopping boutique on Facebook. (that would be a new blog coming up really soon.)

Thank you So Much Hazel Doll. 
You have been the best.

Until Next Time
Melly <3

Monday, June 27, 2011

Color of the Day-NYX Secret World

I know everyone is not really happy that it is Monday early morning. I don't 
even know why I am in such a good mood. Maybe because no one has got 
on my last nerve yet.

As you all can see. I finally got my eye brows done, so happy about it.
If you check out my face book album title " My Artistry" you will
see how my eye brows looked before and now you would understand why I
 grew them in.

Today, I wanted to go for a natural look with a little
hint of color but that is not to much.  
This is another NYX 10 Color Pallet.  Secret World is the name.
It has several colors that are warm and natural colors.
What colors am I wearing today?
1st color in half of my eyelid is the 4th color from top row.
It's an orange color with glitter.
2nd Color is the 5th Color on the top row.
Outer Eyelid and blended to my crease.
This color is a brownish red.
3rd Color is the 3rd color top row
Have this color under my browns.
This is a very neutral Beige with glitter.

Really Love this pallet for those days I feel in a glittery.

Until Next Time 
Melly <3

Friday, June 24, 2011

Color of the Day- NYX 10 Color Pallet For Brown Eyes


I'm so happy that Friday is Finally here. The Count down to 5:00 pm has already started. Even tho, I don't go out much, I love the feeling that I will be able to to sleep in for the next 2 day. :) Hopefully today will go buy quickly.

Today I am using NYX 10 Color Pallet For Brown Eyes. I recently just got this one maybe about 3 weeks ago.  I have been playing with the colors and seeing what colors would look great together. I love all the colors. Normally I would do my make with 2 different pallet because 1 pallet would not hold every color that like . With the pallet, I don't have to look through another pallet for a color I like.
 I am wearing 3 different colors today.
1st Color is  the 5th Color bottom row . It's a light Gold color that I place under my eye brows
    2nd Color is the 4th color on top row. It's a very light beige. I placed on the Inner half of my lid.
    3rd Color is the 1st color on top row. This is like a brownish purple.. Which I place on my outer half of my lid and blended it into my crease.

Last but never lease. I applied a black Liquid Eye liner from NYX to my eyelid.

 Here is the final Look
Until Next Time
Melly <3

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Color of the Day- NYX Smokey Eye Pallet

 Good Morning Dolls.
One More work day until the weekend. What is everyone plans? I will be practicing  on  make up, trying to come with a new idea. I'm still working on my website and getting pictures that are acceptable to be put on it. I'm also looking into starting my own Channel. I have seen so many different wonderful lady's doing make-up tutorial. That I'm considering putting my work on there was well. I will definitely keep everyone updated.
It's one of those cloudy rainy days here in NYC. I know when the weather is like this I get into my lazy days and a break out the sweat pants and T-Shirts. That is exactly what I have on today. Like almost every women out there we either can't leave the house with make up on or arrive at work without any make up. For that reason I decided to do a light smokey eye. Which I'm in love with cause it came out perfectly today.
I used NYX 10 Color Pallet Smokey eye. I applied the 5th Color on the bottom row and applied that to my brow bone.( Even though I have not reshaped my eyebrows yet, I still like to put a little color there just to finish the look off. Then I applied the 3rd color on the bottom to half my eye lid and brought it up to my crease line. Afterward, I Applied The 4th color on the top row to the other half of my lid and blend it into my crease. Which makes the darkness of the color not so intense.
 Until Next Time 
Melly <3

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color of the Day - NYX Strike a Pose

HOLA! Dolls. Finally I am able to put up my pictures for daily Blog. 
I'm a happy girl right now.

As you can still see my eye brows are not done yet. I'm trying to gown them out to get a better shape then what I had previously.Maybe another week before i get them done.
Today I have a very Bright Orange shirt. (I love this color orange always give me good energy for the day and make me feel happy)

With my make up. I always try to match with what I am wearing. It something that I have always done growing up. I'm currently trying to get out of my comfort zone.
More to come soon with that.

 Today, I'm NYX 10 Color Pallet - Strike a Pose. I only used 3 colors today.
Top 4th Color- Put on half on my inner lids
Top 5th Color- Put on the outer half my lid and the blending it in to my crease
Bottom 1st Color - I put under my brow bone.

I normally don't like to wear. I have this Mac Blush in Sunbasque.

Here is the final. Look

Until Next Time

Melly <3

Very Disppointment

Hi Dolls,

I don't know what is going on with today. I have been trying for hours now to do my Color of the Day Blog but the pictures are not uploading which I am very sad about. Hopefully it will be working in a few hours where i can keep you updates. I haven't bought any recent products to sit here and blog about. Does anyone have any recommendations?

I hope everyone is enjoying there day and making the most out out it.

Until Next time


Monday, June 20, 2011

Color Of the day- NYX Super Model Pallet

Good Morning Dolls, I know I have been slicking on doing my blog. This weekend was fathers day weekend. So we all know that the weekend must have been busy and a little crazy. But here we are another new week with a another day to start making us happy!
 NYX 10 Color pallet-Super Model.
I have 3 Colors on my lid.
1) Pink- 4th Color in from the bottom. Applied it on half of my lid
2) Baby blue- 5th in from the bottom- Only applied that to the middle of my lid.
3) Black- 5th Color from the top - Applied it to the outer lid and blending

I Blending the black into part of my crease and then blended it into my brow bone. I'm still growing in my eye brows to get then reshaped. Which will hopefully be soon.

Until Next Time
Melly <3

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Colors of the Day-Velet Rope.

Good Afternoon Dolls,
      Colors of the day is going to be an everyday blog for us. I will be writing about the color that I have on and what order I put them on. I have a lot of NYX 10 Color pallets, so some blogs might seem like i'm writing about the same color palate but I'm not. I normally don't use more then 3 colors on my eyes except when I'm in the mood to stand out more then normal.

Today I am using NYX 10 Color Pallet - Velet Rope.
I have on 4 different color.
1) Baby Pink. Bottom Row Last color (Left to right)
2) Pinkish Purple- Bottom Row 2nd color in
I applied Only to my eye lid. Applied twice to make the color a little more vibrant
3) Purple-Pink- Top Row 3rd color in.
I applied this color to inside crease line..
4) Purple- Top Row - 4th Color in
I only applied this color to the outer crease of my eye.

 Here Are the picture of how i look now
(Not my greatest work today)

Until Next Time
Melly <3