Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inaz Cosmetics- Review

Good Morning Dolls.
 How was everyone weekend? Mine was very quite, which I have needed. I spent the The 4th of July trying out the 9 samples of eyeshadow pigment I have gotten from Inaz cosmetics. This is my review about their products and customer service.

I found this company on Fackbook. I was interested in getting samples from them because I am a Make-Up Artist and I'm always interested in new products are at a reasonable price and offers the pigment satisfaction  that everyone should get when they are investing their money into a cosmetics line. If I like a product I will be filling my kit with several items from their company. If I don't like their products I would take it as a lost for the money I have spent on it already and put it in the make up I don't like draw. Why do I still keep it? Because family member of mine might like it and I will give it to them.

Lets Get this review started.
After the initial contact with  with Inaz Cosmetics. I borrowed through the pigment that they were offering. I choose colors that I didn't have in any of my pallets. That I already own. Here are the colors that I decided to pick out.


 Anubis- Is a matte Turquoise blue


 Xabit- Is a shimmer light orange


 Gwynn- Is a shimmer natural beige


 Yonne- Is a Shimmer Light pink


 Zen- Is a shimmer turquoise

Touch me

 Touch me- is a light shimmer Pal pink


Serna- Is a matte Dark purple


 Zora-Is a light shimmer dark pink


Romance Is a light Shimmer purple

After I made my selection. I emailed my request to Inaz Cosmetics. They quickly send me the the invoice to pay through Paypal.

Since it was already Friday when I placed the order and it was already late after I payed for it They emailed me back and told me that they will ship out the package on Monday. Monday came and monday went.  I got my samples in the mail on Wednesday. Which for me 3 days of shipping time is amazing to me. I was so happy to get these products.

The samples arrived in a small plastic jar, which carries about 1/2 tsp of product. For me as a make up artist that seems so little. I applied the product to my hand (see below for the picture.) Both wet and dry. Their products have an amazing amount of pigment.The picture below is how the products look with Paula Dorf Transfer and how the products look try. You are able to see how much pigment are in them. 
I have both the wet and dry eyeshadow on the same arm side by side.

I am honestly starting to really love Inaz Cosmetics. I will be buying full products from INAZ..

Check them out for yourself. They do offer samples for $1.50 each. Take advantage of them offer sample because many places does not offer samples.

I will also be doing a Color of the day Blog over the next couple of days for each color that I wear make sure you check out out so you are able to see what it look like on the eyes..

Until next time Dolls

Friday, July 1, 2011

Color of the Day- Bootleg Mac Products :)

 Happy Friday Again Doll
And A Happy Early 4th of July..

If you have not previous read my blog from today about the bootleg MAC* Products . Please Check it out.

So Today, I'm trying to keep it simple because it has been hot hot lately to wear foundation. I have only been wearing my MAC(real Mac) Primer. No Concealer or powders. 

Today I am wearing MAX* Hello Kitty 10 color Pallet. I only have on 2 colors today.
1St Color is the 6th Color in. It's a gold-copper color. I have that on the inner half of my eyelid. 
2ndColor is the 9th Color. It's a Gold-Brown color. Have that on the outer part of my eyelid. 
Have my water line lined with the eye fluid eyeliner.
My Eye brows are done with a blond pencil from Prestige Cosmetics and a tint also with them.

I'm simply amazed for a bootleg product to be so rich with the pigment. Unlike NYX 10 color pallet that I have been using. I do not have apply so much product. I only applied the eyeshadow 1 time. It gave me suck a great color. I'm really amazed. I will definitely be buying from this street vendor again as long as I don't have an skin reaction to it.

Here are the final Look.
Hope everyone has a great long weekend
Until Next time