Friday, August 19, 2011

Crown Brush Order- A little Disappointed.

Good Morning Dolls,
          Remember from my previous blog, I have spoken about ordering brushes with my business name on them? I was really happy about being able to order them today. I looked at the website a few weeks back and it has stated that the minimum was 24 brushes. The website didn't say that it had to be the same style of brushes. I placed an order for 80 bushes, really excited about getting my order in early today but only to have them email me and state that I didn't meet the qualification of the private label. When I read the email, I rechecked out the website and they make some change to the private label qualifications, I canceled the order. Never the less, I was ordering about about 26 different bushes and each brush had a quantity of 3. Why was I ordering so much brushes? Because I really wanted to have my own brushes for my make up kit and a set for my personal make up bag. This dream will be put on hold for now but won't be forgotten
      After rethinking about what I wanted. I placed another order of the same bruses but only 1 brush per style and order myself a travel make up brush set. It's might not have my name on it. One day I will have my business name on my brushes and I will have the clientele that would want to have my brushes.
The brushes that I just ordered will be finish off my make up brushes set and I will be able to start start filtering out the ones that are to hard and I really don't like.
     Hopefully, I would get my brushes next week. I will put up pictures next week of all my brushes, so you are able to see the different between the ones that I have now and what I got in the mail. Considering also do a video blog on youtube about this. Once I decide what I will do, you will be the first ones to know.

Until next time


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Another day...

Hey Dolls.
I know I have been saying that I would keep up with my blog on a weekly basics. Honestly, its easier said then done. Working full time and being a mother, makes it so hard to do what I want to do.
While, I'm doing someone make up, the feeling  I feel,I can't explain. I'm so happy that nothing could take that away from me. Even when I would do my own make up, I was so happy. Honestly, the past two weeks, I have been really down and I dont know why. I feel that I have invested so much money into my kit that its just going to waste. Its not that I'm looking to make money and be rich. I just want to do what makes me happy. Im at point right now, where I dont know what I want to do !!!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Give Away- Melis Beauty. Check out the details

Hey Dolls,

This is our first ever Give away on Facebook. I'm Currently in the process of increasing my fans on my business page,
Melis Beauty. The Contest has officially started. Winner will be chosen after we hit 100 like on the business page.

Give away requirements are very simple.
1. Subscribe & Follow my blog Melis Beauty Corner
2. Like My Business Page!/pages/Melis-Beauty/152711628136071.
3. Follow me on Twitter At MelisBeauty6966.
4. Re-tweet or post the contest on both facebook and twitter
5. Answer this question: What products would you like Melis Beauty to offer?

Contest winner will be able to choose from NYX Color Pallet with lip Gloss or a set of Travel Make up brushes.

Each person that enters the contest will get a discount on any make up application for your special Occasion. Service is only provided in the NYC Area. Has no expiration date, so even if you don't live in NY and you ever come to NY. I would still offer you the service.