Thursday, September 15, 2011

Color of the Day: Gold with Copper

Hey Dolls,
Sorry that I have been MIA for the past couple of weeks. I have recently been in a rut and didn't want to do my make up or even blog about anything that I has been interested to trying. Now I'm getting back to the things that I want to do and know where I am heading in my career. Still trying to figure out my steps but as I go.

Recently, I have purchased the Sephoria Collections Makeup Studio blockbuster. I have been using it on and off because I carry so many other eye shadow pallets inside my bag just in case I want to do my make up during my commute to work. Most of the time, I dont even bother doing it until I get to my office because my make up will not come out the way that I want it. If make up is on my face, I will like to feel good about what I am wearing.

The eye shadow pigment are good, some colors are more pigment then the other but if you build up the color. you will get exactly what you are looking for. The lip gloss are PERFECT. I cant get over how many different colors are inside the kit. I'm wearing one of the colors today. Perfect brush they provided to outline the lips with that color. Love the light bronzer that they have also included.

I honestly dont think I need any addition make up to what I have now. Unless it for my kit. LOl

Face:  Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer spf 20.
Applied a light coverage to give my face a very natural color to it.

Concealer: Mac Select cover up NW25.
Only under my eyes. Even though I have been sleeping still getting dark spots in the  corner of my eyes.

Eye brow: Maybelline Expert Wear eye brown pencile in Blond & Dark Brown,Anastasia Eye brow Powder in Blond, with a clear brow gel.

Checks: Mac Blush Peaches

Eyes: Sephoria Collections Makeup Studio blockbuster.
Gold - 2nd row from the left  4th Color down. Half of my lid
Copper- 2nd row from the left 5th Color down. Outer half of my    lid.
Under the brow- 2nd own from the left 2nd Color down.
Eyesliner: Mac Eye liner Gel

Lips-  Sephoria Collections Makeup Studio blockbuster. It is 10th row when the pallet is completely open 5th color down.

Until tomorrow my love.
Melly <3