Thursday, June 9, 2011

Colors of the Day-Velet Rope.

Good Afternoon Dolls,
      Colors of the day is going to be an everyday blog for us. I will be writing about the color that I have on and what order I put them on. I have a lot of NYX 10 Color pallets, so some blogs might seem like i'm writing about the same color palate but I'm not. I normally don't use more then 3 colors on my eyes except when I'm in the mood to stand out more then normal.

Today I am using NYX 10 Color Pallet - Velet Rope.
I have on 4 different color.
1) Baby Pink. Bottom Row Last color (Left to right)
2) Pinkish Purple- Bottom Row 2nd color in
I applied Only to my eye lid. Applied twice to make the color a little more vibrant
3) Purple-Pink- Top Row 3rd color in.
I applied this color to inside crease line..
4) Purple- Top Row - 4th Color in
I only applied this color to the outer crease of my eye.

 Here Are the picture of how i look now
(Not my greatest work today)

Until Next Time
Melly <3

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