Monday, June 20, 2011

Color Of the day- NYX Super Model Pallet

Good Morning Dolls, I know I have been slicking on doing my blog. This weekend was fathers day weekend. So we all know that the weekend must have been busy and a little crazy. But here we are another new week with a another day to start making us happy!
 NYX 10 Color pallet-Super Model.
I have 3 Colors on my lid.
1) Pink- 4th Color in from the bottom. Applied it on half of my lid
2) Baby blue- 5th in from the bottom- Only applied that to the middle of my lid.
3) Black- 5th Color from the top - Applied it to the outer lid and blending

I Blending the black into part of my crease and then blended it into my brow bone. I'm still growing in my eye brows to get then reshaped. Which will hopefully be soon.

Until Next Time
Melly <3

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