Thursday, June 23, 2011

Color of the Day- NYX Smokey Eye Pallet

 Good Morning Dolls.
One More work day until the weekend. What is everyone plans? I will be practicing  on  make up, trying to come with a new idea. I'm still working on my website and getting pictures that are acceptable to be put on it. I'm also looking into starting my own Channel. I have seen so many different wonderful lady's doing make-up tutorial. That I'm considering putting my work on there was well. I will definitely keep everyone updated.
It's one of those cloudy rainy days here in NYC. I know when the weather is like this I get into my lazy days and a break out the sweat pants and T-Shirts. That is exactly what I have on today. Like almost every women out there we either can't leave the house with make up on or arrive at work without any make up. For that reason I decided to do a light smokey eye. Which I'm in love with cause it came out perfectly today.
I used NYX 10 Color Pallet Smokey eye. I applied the 5th Color on the bottom row and applied that to my brow bone.( Even though I have not reshaped my eyebrows yet, I still like to put a little color there just to finish the look off. Then I applied the 3rd color on the bottom to half my eye lid and brought it up to my crease line. Afterward, I Applied The 4th color on the top row to the other half of my lid and blend it into my crease. Which makes the darkness of the color not so intense.
 Until Next Time 
Melly <3

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