Monday, June 27, 2011

Color of the Day-NYX Secret World

I know everyone is not really happy that it is Monday early morning. I don't 
even know why I am in such a good mood. Maybe because no one has got 
on my last nerve yet.

As you all can see. I finally got my eye brows done, so happy about it.
If you check out my face book album title " My Artistry" you will
see how my eye brows looked before and now you would understand why I
 grew them in.

Today, I wanted to go for a natural look with a little
hint of color but that is not to much.  
This is another NYX 10 Color Pallet.  Secret World is the name.
It has several colors that are warm and natural colors.
What colors am I wearing today?
1st color in half of my eyelid is the 4th color from top row.
It's an orange color with glitter.
2nd Color is the 5th Color on the top row.
Outer Eyelid and blended to my crease.
This color is a brownish red.
3rd Color is the 3rd color top row
Have this color under my browns.
This is a very neutral Beige with glitter.

Really Love this pallet for those days I feel in a glittery.

Until Next Time 
Melly <3

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