Tuesday, June 28, 2011

FB Boutigue review - HazelDoll Boutique

Hi Dolls,
       I found an amazing Boutique on Facebook. They are called Hazel Doll Boutique. I reviewed their pictures to show everything that they offered. They have a lot of items but I could not afforded to get them all right now. I came across a pair of Gold Glitter shoes that I instantly fall in love with. I left them a comment on the picture to find out their availability for those shoes but unfortunately they were sold out of the gold shoe but they did have the same style of shoe but in Black Glitter. I submitted my request for the black shoes. 
      Customer service quickly send me the payment request form via email, which then I was able to pay directly from my paypal account.I submitted payment about 1:00 pm on Friday June  24 and they receive the payment and shipped out my shoes the same day. I don't even get quick customer service like this with famous shoe companies. I received the tracking information once they was pickup from the USPS. What ever, Hazel Dolls Boutique is doing in customer service they must pass that information along to all these other companies that takes 3 day for an items to ship. (3 Days is to long to wait).
     Today is June 28, 2011. I finally got in my shoes today because USPS mail man was really on a lazy day because I didn't get my box as per the Tracking number stated. Which got me even more upset with USPS because they claim they left a message ticket to go pick up the box at 3:00pm. Last time I check, I was in my office until 5:00pm. Totally impossible that he even tried to make that delivery. I would have been more understandable with USPS if it didn't leave the sorting facility in time for delivery then having them lie to me.
(It's not about USPS Today. It's About HAZEL DOLL BOUTIQUE).
I decided to go down to Post Office and get my shoes!!! I'm wearing them right now as I blog :)

First off, I normally don't get shoes with a plate form or this high of hell. I'm going to a wedding next week and I needed a shoe that is a little more elegant then my everyday shoes.

Those Shoes arrived in their own box, Completely with the shoes being stuffed with paper so it does not get damage during the transport. 
Shoes have never been worn. Which is a ++ in my book. I'm always concern how long a person wear the shoes before they wanted to return them. By looking at the shoes, there are no sign of another person feet being in them..

For my feet I can normally wear a 8 1/2 shoe size or a 9 size, as of recently I have been sticking more to the 8 1/2 size because they are more snog on my feet. 

The shoes are a little tight around my toes but that is probably due to the fact they are new shoes. There is no room between my heel and the shoe where my feel can slip out of the shoes.I have been wearing the shoes for about 2 hours now and the balls on my feet don't hurt like they normally would because these shoes has the extra padding in them for your feet which is another +++ because I don't have to go out any buy inserts for my shoes. :)

I highly recommend trying Hazel Doll Boutique. You will not be disappointed in them. They are on my top Shopping boutique on Facebook. (that would be a new blog coming up really soon.)

Thank you So Much Hazel Doll. 
You have been the best.

Until Next Time
Melly <3

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  1. thankyou so much doll,we always try our best to keep our clients satisfied <3 stay tuned for our 4th of july sale!!!!